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You’re smart.
You’ve worked hard.
You’ve tried all the “best” time management systems.
You know what you should be doing.


When was the last time you were satisfied with how you spent your time?

I don’t mean just getting through the day — I mean actually getting things done at work and at home, INCLUDING time to enjoy hobbies, downtime, and your family.

If you were able to step back and watch yourself trying to juggle all of the demands on your time AND be the smart person you are, you’d wonder how you manage to get ANYTHING done!

Am I right?

Do you want more time for your creative work?

Time for your family and to enjoy your hobbies – or just to recharge your batteries?

You may have an endless list of things to be done, but you can’t see how to change things.

If that sounds familiar, this is for you.

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Does this sound like you…

You can’t believe you have so much to do – but you’re not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. It’s killing you because you get that gut ache throughout the day but don’t stop to address it. You just think “I’ll do better tomorrow” – but you never do.
You want a time management system that works for you. You’re smart and work hard, and you can’t believe you haven’t found one yet. And you wonder if there even is a system out there that will work for you…things seem to work for a while, but then you’re right back where you started – feeling overwhelmed.
You know you can’t do it all – but you don’t know how you will ever say “No” when everything seems important. There just doesn’t seem to be a way to prioritize and figure out what to do. And it’s so hard to say ‘no’.
You keep thinking that if you could only get through this other stuff, then you could do what you really want to do. But no matter how you try to “get through it” – you find that you are still in the same place…

Why I might make a difference:

My name is Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking and I’m a coach with nearly 20 years’ experience helping smart people reach their goals in a way that works for them.

In addition to using my training and experience to find the best information about how to tackle procrastination and time management, I’ve had my own struggles and had to work on these things from the inside out. Whether it’s figuring out how to finish something at work so you can spend more time with your family or on your hobbies or how to get through those home-related bottlenecks… I’ve been there.

My own struggles as an Assistant Professor, my Ph.D., my coach training, and my experience working with tons of clients in my private practice, all combine to create a unique skill that helps my clients overcome their time and productivity challenges and do what they need to do in a way that works for them.

I know you can follow every time management program out there, but if it’s not designed for the way you are wired…it won’t work! If you’ve been noticing that you have not been able to follow the other systems…it is probably because they don’t work with how your brain works.

Do you beat yourself up for not following what everyone has told you is the “best time management book ever” – like Getting Things Done or even the basics of keeping a to-do list and a calendar?

Guess what? You’re right and they’re wrong!

You don’t have a discipline problem. You don’t have a willpower problem. It’s not about your character. It’s about understanding how your brain works and designing (in an amazingly simple way!!) a Toolkit that works just for you.

Your first step is to become aware of how you are wired and THEN build the time management, productivity, and organization tools around that.

After helping hundreds of clients use their time in a way that works for them, I know that this is the answer.

Ready to be creative, productive
and love your life again?

Would you like to be more productive?

My Time Matters Boot Camp 90-Day Virtual Program is based on my WISE Living Formula. By learning how to implement the tools associated with each step, you’ll find yourself doing more of the things you want to do and using your time to create the success you dream about!

These steps sound simple . . . but believe me – to make lasting changes, you’ll want support along the way!

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Endorsements from Previous Students

“Thank you, Sarah, from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work. It’s indeed been a life-changer for me! I look forward to continuing to evolve my time management and productivity skills as I practice using and, yes, restarting my new approach with the help of the True Focus toolkit we assembled together!”

– Sandra Millers Younger

“Just a few short months ago, I was in a place of overwhelm and mental fog as I struggled to balance my existing business of 13 years with also creating a brand new business, and ALL of my other responsibilities of being a wife, mom, volunteer, friend, etc., etc. I was really feeling incapacitated.
I am now working steadily to accomplish my many personal and professional goals, I am much more focused, and I’m so incredibly excited about where I’m headed – in all areas of my life. I cannot thank you enough for your help!!”

– Shelley Milne, Business Owner

Testimonial Kimberley Borgens

“Sarah’s approach is so unique. It isn’t just about the tools… you get these great tools but you also really get to tailor them to yourself and you really learn about yourself in the process – and that’s hugely valuable. I wasn’t sure if the “home study” would work for me, but I was pleasantly surprised! Listening to the recordings gave me the benefit of hearing others who had similar struggles and it still felt like a live group setting. Having the agenda also helped me look out for those key takeaways each week.”

– Rosie Taylor, Business Owner

Boot Camp Breakdown

Step 1

We’re All Wired Differently- Be Careful What You Copy

Whether we like it or not, we are all wired differently. You can read and follow all the leading books on Time Management and they may or may not work for you…you may even beat yourself up thinking “I’m so smart, why can’t I find a system that works for me?”…things seem to work for a while but then you’re right back where you started – feeling overwhelmed.

As a time management expert and coach, I know that we are all wired differently– our physical brains, and our experiences shape us. This means that before you find a time management system that works for you, you first need to understand “what works for you”!

In this module, we will cover:

  • How different brains process time differently
  • Tips to help you pay attention to what works and doesn’t work for you
  • Why solutions that work for others don’t seem to work for you
  • Strategies you can use to understand your own attention and energy
  • How to create a “flexible template” for your week to maximize your attention and energy

Step 2

Identify Your Peak Priorities & Meaningful Goals

Do you look at your to-do list, and can’t even tell what your top priorities are anymore – because everything seems like a top priority?!

Identifying your peak priorities and meaningful goals is the key to helping you figure out what to continue doing and what to say No to. It will help you figure out what to delegate. This allows you focus on what you want to be the core of your life and learn how to say No to things that are not in alignment with what you want.

In this module, we will:

  • Do a brain dump of ALL of your to-dos and put them in one place. Organize the list into areas of your life that are priorities for you and areas that are not.
  • Using the Life Pruning™ technique, you’ll learn how to make choices and say No – to ensure you are creating your life the way Michelangelo created his art – by chipping away everything that is not the core of the sculpture.

Step 3

Slay the Dragon

The dragons that keep you from getting things done are the same ones that steal your time, upset you, make you doubt yourself, and bring you down.

Once you recognize them, you’ll be able to contain them — and Move On! I’ll show you how!

Positive affirmations are not a time management strategy. When you are procrastinating, overwhelmed, avoiding, or distracted and your systems aren’t working for you to create a positive dialog – Calming the Inner Fear – in your head is only *one* step in the process. To fully slay the dragon, we need to honor what is distracting or overwhelming us, and use that knowledge to design your routine & environment to work for you.

In this module, we will:

  1. RECOGNIZE what’s overwhelming you. (Find the beast.)
  2. CALM the inner fear discussion. (Tame the dragon.)
  3. ENABLE your routine and environment to support your productivity. (Engineer your containment system.)
  4. GET SUPPORT. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. (Would you defeat a dragon on your own?)
  5. KEEP “restarting” until you’re where you need to be. (Dragons need tending.)

*EXCLUSIVELY HERE* You’ll learn how to use the private web-based TRUE FOCUS ACCOUNTABILITY TOOL that will ASSIST YOU DAILY in changing small important habits that create your success.

Through daily check-ins, connecting with our virtual community, and virtual coaching from Dr. Sarah, this tool will assure that you get the support you need. You won’t be working alone!

Step 4

Experiment and Create Your Personalized True Focus Toolkit™

Now that you understand yourself better, you’ll choose the tools that work for you, customize them, and build them into your own Personalized True Focus Toolkit™.

This step is the unique difference between following popular Time Management Systems that weren’t designed for your particular wiring and following a system that is customized for you.

In this module, you will:

  • Review & choose from a list of time management tools and tricks
  • Define how you will manage incoming information
  • Learn the 3 universal phases of any task and understand that missing any one of them could derail you

Step 5

LIVING Your Personalized True Focus Toolkit™

In this step, theory becomes true practice and the steps are embedded into your life in a seamless way. This is when time management isn’t a “forced” discipline, but instead, integrates into who you are and what you do.

In this module, you will:

  • Master the Practice the Pause™ technique to keep yourself focused on what is most important to you
  • Learn and use the valuable philosophy of Restart, Rather than Recreate
  • Schedule regular Assess & Adjust moments
  • Continue to use the NEWLY UPDATED True Focus Accountability Tool to keep yourself on track!

The Details:

Class meets for 12 weeks
On Mondays from 12-1:30 pm Eastern

Optional but Highly Recommended:
12 Weekly Planning and Implementation Labs
Fridays from 12-1 pm Eastern
*** All live calls are recorded so there are no worries if you can’t make the calls!

You’re already on your way . . . BUT

Here’s the thing:

There’s a huge difference between Knowing the Steps and Doing the Steps. Having worked with hundreds of clients, I know that when you use the WISE Living Formula you’ll see and feel how the changes you make in your life improve your work, your mood, your relationships, and your outlook.

But you’ll need help learning how to make all these great changes EVOLVE and LAST.

  • That’s the reason why you need to sign up for Time Matters Boot Camp 90-Day Virtual Program!
  • That’s why I’ve divided the steps into 12 manageable classes, a web-based accountability tool, and an Optional Planning and Implementation Lab where I walk you through your weekly planning.
  • That’s why expert coaching and guidance will make THE difference for you!
  • And that’s how you’ll have the support you need to sustain your success…

My Time Matters Boot Camp will enable you to:

  1. Understand your brain and how you need to honor what works for you so you canknow that you have everything “handled”, finally relax, and trust yourself.
  2. Design a system that works for you so you can find the peaceful moments in your day and uplevel your life and business…and stop being stuck in reactive, panic mode to get work done, kids ready, dog walked, etc. You’ll finally be able to ENJOY the pace of a comfortable schedule and a routine that fits your life and your goals. What could be sweeter?
  3. Use the time management system that works for you and have it become part of who you are.You’ll never have to totally re-invent your time management tools again!

So are you ready to reserve your space?!