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Fall 2024 Dates TBD

A 3-Day Core Productivity and Time Management Training

Boot Camp Breakdown

Step 1

We’re All Wired Differently- Be Careful What You Copy

Whether we like it or not, we are all wired differently. You can read and follow all the leading books on Time Management and they may or may not work for you…you may even beat yourself up thinking “I’m so smart, why can’t I find a system that works for me?”…things seem to work for a while but then you’re right back where you started – feeling overwhelmed.

As a time management expert and coach, I know that we are all wired differently– our physical brains, and our experiences shape us. This means that before you find a time management system that works for you, you first need to understand “what works for you”!

In this module, we will cover:

  • How different brains process time differently
  • Tips to help you pay attention to what works and doesn’t work for you
  • Why solutions that work for others don’t seem to work for you
  • Strategies you can use to understand your own attention and energy
  • How to create a “flexible template” for your week to maximize your attention and energy

Step 2

Identify Your Peak Priorities & Meaningful Goals

Do you look at your to-do list, and can’t even tell what your top priorities are anymore – because everything seems like a top priority?!

Identifying your peak priorities and meaningful goals is the key to helping you figure out what to continue doing and what to say No to. It will help you figure out what to delegate. This allows you focus on what you want to be the core of your life and learn how to say No to things that are not in alignment with what you want.

In this module, we will:

  • Do a brain dump of ALL of your to-dos and put them in one place. Organize the list into areas of your life that are priorities for you and areas that are not.
  • Using the Life Pruning™ technique, you’ll learn how to make choices and say No – to ensure you are creating your life the way Michelangelo created his art – by chipping away everything that is not the core of the sculpture.

Step 3

Slay the Dragon

The dragons that keep you from getting things done are the same ones that steal your time, upset you, make you doubt yourself, and bring you down.

Once you recognize them, you’ll be able to contain them — and Move On! I’ll show you how!

Positive affirmations are not a time management strategy. When you are procrastinating, overwhelmed, avoiding, or distracted and your systems aren’t working for you to create a positive dialog – Calming the Inner Fear – in your head is only *one* step in the process. To fully slay the dragon, we need to honor what is distracting or overwhelming us, and use that knowledge to design your routine & environment to work for you.

In this module, we will:

  1. RECOGNIZE what’s overwhelming you. (Find the beast.)
  2. CALM the inner fear discussion. (Tame the dragon.)
  3. ENABLE your routine and environment to support your productivity. (Engineer your containment system.)
  4. GET SUPPORT. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. (Would you defeat a dragon on your own?)
  5. KEEP “restarting” until you’re where you need to be. (Dragons need tending.)

Step 4

Experiment and Create Your Personalized True Focus Toolkit™

Now that you understand yourself better, you’ll choose the tools that work for you, customize them, and build them into your own Personalized True Focus Toolkit™.

This step is the unique difference between following popular Time Management Systems that weren’t designed for your particular wiring and following a system that is customized for you.

In this module, you will:

  • Review & choose from a list of time management tools and tricks
  • Define how you will manage incoming information
  • Learn the 3 universal phases of any task and understand that missing any one of them could derail you

Step 5

LIVING Your Personalized True Focus Toolkit™

In this step, theory becomes true practice and the steps are embedded into your life in a seamless way. This is when time management isn’t a “forced” discipline, but instead, integrates into who you are and what you do.

In this module, you will:

  • Master the Practice the Pause™ technique to keep yourself focused on what is most important to you
  • Learn and use the valuable philosophy of Restart, Rather than Recreate
  • Schedule regular Assess & Adjust moments