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3 Life-Changing Habit-Igniting Days

Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE!


Virtual Live Training

A 3-Day Core Productivity and Time Management Training

Feel like you have an endless list of things to be done, but you can’t see how to change things?

This is for you.

At Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE! you will:


Discover what to do each day to get to the next level in your business.

Learn how to focus and create an efficient workflow.

Develop the tools to take control of your time and tasks.

Develop systems to get the billable work completed AND have time at home.
Walk away with a customized time management system and action plan.

Does this sound familiar…

Can't get organized | need help getting organized

“I need to work on billable activities. I just can’t seem to get organized enough to make that happen.”

“My current process isn’t getting me where I want to go on my work goals. I’ve tried a lot of things, and I’m still not making the changes I need to make.”

“My current process isn’t getting me where I want to go on my work goals. I’ve tried a lot of things, and I’m still not making the changes I need to make.”

I’m working all the time. I don’t see how I can fit in my family, friends, and exercise. I’ve tried everything and nothing is working. It’s the same every day – ALL WORK.”

“If I could only get through this other stuff, then I could do what you really want to do…

“If I could only get through this other stuff, then I could do what you really want to do…

Ready to be productive and love your life again?

Endorsements from Previous Students

The three day Time Matters program was truly life-changing for me. I went from racing from appointment to appointment and living in stress to gaining an understanding of the value of my time – and how to honor that. Thank you.

– Jesse Stein,
Senior Loan Officer

I love all the tools that Dr. Sarah teaches. I’ve taught time management myself and she takes it to a whole new level! Her tools have transformed my focus and helped me hit my business goals AND enjoy my passions outside of work.

– Donna Ceriani,
Leadership Success Coach

Testimonial Kimberley Borgens

Dr. Sarah’s program has helped me focus on getting both short term work done while chipping away at long term goals. Her weekly planning process is like gold: it prods me to slow down and prioritize, which makes my work and home life so much better!

– Scott Wolf,
Managing Partner, Schlossberg, LLC

Testimonial Kimberley Borgens

As a Realtor, time is my currency and mastering my schedule is critical. Since I started working with Sarah I have learned how to schedule my time around my priorities (all my priorities, not just work). It’s made a huge difference in my mindset and business results.

– Nancy Peterson,

Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE! A 3-Day Core Productivity and Time Management Training for professionals

Event & Training Schedule:

Day 1:
11am-5pm ET / 8am-2pm PT

Day 2:
11am-7:30pm ET / 8am-4:30pm PT

Day 3:
11am-5pm ET / 8am-2pm PT

There’s a huge difference between Knowing the Steps and Doing the Steps.

Here’s the thing:

You’ll need help learning how to make all these great changes EVOLVE and LAST.
  • That’s the reason why you need to sign up for Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE!
  • That’s why I’ll be teaching this material Face-to-Face in a 3-Day virtual workshop where I’ll walk you through it in person.
  • That’s why expert coaching and guidance will make THE difference for you!

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    Event Details ($2,000 Value):

    • 3 Days of Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE!This is a highly focused core time management and productivity training with Dr. Sarah. We’ll cover this material in a virtual workshop format. 
    • Agendas, Handouts, and Step by Step Exercises that will be completed during the workshop and keep you focused and learning.
    • Best Practices to manage your time and tasks in a way that will work for YOU.
    • An Action plan to get clear, figure out your next best steps, and have Sarah walk you through the process.


    • Time Matters Laser Coaching Session:  Transform your biggest time challenge with this personalized 1-1 laser coaching with someone from the True Focus Coaching team (20 minutes, scheduled prior to the event). (Priceless!)
    • “Find Time Now” Pre-event Training call, where Dr. Sarah will help you find more time in your day, and reduce your time wasters and time robbers before we even get to the event. Available if you register by November 15th. ($500 Value)


    Your Investment Today:
    ONLY $297!

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    True Focus Satisfaction GuaranteeYou’re protected by my True Focus “Satisfaction First” Guarantee. I’m confident that when you come to Time Matters Bootcamp LIVE!, you’re going to be thrilled. I also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will get clarity on how to design your own way of managing time so it works for you! You won’t have to battle procrastination or the negative feelings that come with it.

    To back that up, I’ll give you all the way through the first day of training to experience the work and REALLY decide if it’s for you in your heart. If you come to all the sessions and complete all the modules & worksheets for Day 1 – and STILL it has not impacted your understanding of how to manage your time, just let me know – by the end of that first day of training – and get a full refund!

    If you love feeling free, spreading your wings, and growing your spirit, you’ll LOVE what Time Matters Boot Camp will do for you!

    • You’ll affirm that you’re unique — but not alone.
    • You’ll relax among other people who understand where you’re coming from.
    • You’ll learn to balance your life, enabling you to be more than you’ve ever been before!

    I’m looking forward to helping you gain control of your time and get to the next level in your life and business!

    – Sarah Reiff-Hekking