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Fall 2024 Dates TBD

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Why Dr. Sarah Makes a Difference

Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE!


Virtual Live Training

Fall 2024 Dates TBD

A 3-Day Core Productivity and Time Management Training

Why I make a difference:

My name is Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking and I’m a coach with nearly 20 years’ experience helping smart people reach their goals in a way that works for them.

In addition to using my training and experience to find the best information about how to tackle procrastination and time management, I’ve had my own struggles and had to work on these things from the inside out. Whether it’s figuring out how to finish something at work so you can spend more time with your family or on your hobbies or how to get through those home-related bottlenecks… I’ve been there.

My own struggles as an Assistant Professor, my Ph.D., my coach training, and my experience working with tons of clients in my private practice, all combine to create a unique skill that helps my clients overcome their time and productivity challenges and do what they need to do in a way that works for them.

I know you can follow every time management program out there, but if it’s not designed for the way you are wired…it won’t work! If you’ve been noticing that you have not been able to follow the other systems…it is probably because they don’t work with how your brain works.

Do you beat yourself up for not following what everyone has told you is the “best time management book ever” – like Getting Things Done or even the basics of keeping a to-do list and a calendar?

Guess what?

You’re right and they’re wrong!

You don’t have a discipline problem. You don’t have a willpower problem. It’s not about your character. It’s about understanding how your brain works and designing (in an amazingly simple way!!) a Toolkit that works just for you.

Your first step is to become aware of how you are wired and THEN build the time management, productivity, and organization tools around that.

After helping hundreds of clients use their time in a way that works for them, I know that this is the answer.

Ready to be productive and love your life again?

My Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE! 3-Day Virtual Workshop is based on my WISE Living Formula. By learning how to implement the tools associated with each step, you’ll find yourself doing more of the things you want to do and using your time to create the success you dream about!

These steps sound simple . . . but believe me – to make lasting changes, you’ll want support along the way!

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