Results: Our Productive Clients

Our clients get in control of their time and build more fulfilling lives — both professionally and personally.

“Dr. Sarah’s  program has helped me focus on getting both short term work done while chipping away at long term goals.  Her weekly planning process is like gold: it prods me to slow down and prioritize, which makes my work and home life so much better!”

Scott Wolf, Managing Partner, Schlossberg, LLC

“As a Realtor time is my currency and mastering my schedule is critical. Since I started working with Sarah I have learned how to schedule my time around my priorities (all my priorities, not just work). It’s made a huge difference in my mindset and business results. Thank you Sarah!”

Nancy Peterson, Realtor

“Before the course, I was overwhelmed with the challenges and opportunities surrounding my business’s launch. With the tools I have now, I’ve been able to grow from 1 employee to 6 in less than a year and we’re on pace to double our run rate in 6 months, all with less stress.

I had struggled my entire life to manage my long term goals and complex projects. TMBC 90 gave me three things that have turned that around. The knowledge that I’m not alone, the tools and roadmap that I needed to make changes and the (judgement free) support to turn those changes into habits. My business would not be where it is today without Sarah.”

– David Jolicoeur, Owner
Connect Home Management

“Before working with Sarah I worked all the time (or felt like I should be)… Sarah taught me the tools I needed to leave the office knowing everything is handled.
I can relax and take weekends off – while meeting my financial and practice goals. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah!”

– Tracey Ingle, Attorney

Sandra-Younger Testimonial

“Thank you, Sarah, from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work. It’s indeed been a life-changer for me! I look forward to continuing to evolve my time management and productivity skills as I practice using and, yes, restarting my new approach with the help of the True Focus toolkit we assembled together!”

– Sandra Millers Younger,

“I’m the person who is juggling a million different things all at once. I’m juggling so many balls at once that sometimes I feel like I’m dropping some.

With Time Matters Boot Camp I can see the results instantly.”

– Marcia Dolgin, Award-Winning Photographer at Marcia Dolgin Fine Images Inc.

“More results with more ease.”

“A little while ago I found myself in a place where I had too many ideas and not enough results. I was working really, really hard and I wasn’t making the progress that I wanted. And that’s why I decided to make a move to work with Dr. Sarah.

In working with Dr. Sarah as a private, one on one client I was able to achieve clarity on what I needed to do but not only that but what the priorities were to create the best plan of action for the results that I was looking for.

For years as an entrepreneur, I’ve had a habit of creating a quarterly strategic plan and I’d have all my key projects and the tasks to get there and everything that I wanted to achieve. But after years of doing this process, it was the first three months of working with Dr. Sarah that I was able to achieve every single thing in my strategic plan not only on time but less than half of the quarter.

My results with Dr. Sarah have exploded, and not only that, the real key for me is that I’ve been able to create them with ease. The real take away has been to know where I’m going and to get there without the business and franticness that often comes with entrepreneurship.

If you’re looking to take your results to the next level, working with an expert who has the skills to help you is absolutely necessary. As entrepreneurs, we know that but working with someone who has the ability to help you through not just the tactical but the inner game as well is a real gift. So any time you have to spend around Dr. Sarah is absolutely time and energy well-spent.”

– Joseph Ranseth, TedEx Talker, founder of

“I had no idea how much I would gain!”

“I was a messs when I came upon Sarah. I had no idea that I was going to gain so much insight and the tools to structure my life… so I could be more efficient in less time.”

– Pat Sessions, Travel Agency Owner

“Priceless Tools and Structures!”

“Sarah’s structures and tools are priceless. I am confident that I can implement them and increase my productivity by a ton! Sarah cares so much about your experience, your progress, and your success!”

– Kristen Nolan, High Performance Health Mentor

Kimberley Borgens client testimonial for Sarah Reiff Hekking programs“Get more time in your day!”

“If you’re looking for somebody who can help you put more time in your day and create the space for you to get the important things done in your life, then you want to work with Sarah.”

– Kimberley Borgens, CEO of Solo to CEO