Results: Our Productive Clients

Our clients get in control of their time and build more fulfilling lives — both professionally and personally.

“Before the course, I was overwhelmed with the challenges and opportunities surrounding my business’s launch. With the tools I have now, I’ve been able to grow from 1 employee to 6 in less than a year and we’re on pace to double our run rate in 6 months, all with less stress.

I had struggled my entire life to manage my long term goals and complex projects. TMBC 90 gave me three things that have turned that around. The knowledge that I’m not alone, the tools and roadmap that I needed to make changes and the (judgement free) support to turn those changes into habits. My business would not be where it is today without Sarah.”

– David Jolicoeur, Owner Connect Home Management

Tracey, attorney

“Before working with Sarah I worked all the time (or felt like I should be)… Sarah taught me the tools I needed to leave the office knowing everything is handled.”

“I can relax and take weekends off – while meeting my financial and practice goals. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah!”

– Tracey Ingle, Attorney

Sandra-Younger Testimonial

“Thank you, Sarah, from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful work. It’s indeed been a life-changer for me! I look forward to continuing to evolve my time management and productivity skills as I practice using and, yes, restarting my new approach with the help
of the True Focus toolkit we assembled together!”

– Sandra Millers Younger,

“Sarah totally understands her topic in depth and is dedicated to helping people find their life through better managing their time.  She       was engaged throughout the training and provided fun as well.  “

   – Emily K Greenwood, Director, President/CEO – EKG Networking Inc.

Donna Ceriani Testimonial

“If you’re seeking to enhance productivity and achieve meaningful goals, I highly recommend Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking’s programs. Her teaching style, group interaction, and materials are simply fantastic.

I’ve long wanted to join her programs, and the universe guided me when she shared the program link for one of my clients. It was a whisper saying, Now’s the time. You gotta do this…”

– Donna Ceriani, Leadership Success Coach at Success Compass

“I Love Dr. Sarah!”Karen Rohlf Headshot

“Her program helped me progressively create the habits I needed in order to get the most out of my day (which to me means getting done what I want to get done and still feel like I have a life!). I loved the format because it was easy to do get the training, and actually DO the homework.”

– Karen Rohlf, Owner & Director of Dressage Naturally