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Coach and Time Matters Expert

“I Know What to Do, I’m Just Not Doing It: 5 Steps to Bust Through Procrastination and Overwhelm.”

Keynote by Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking, Founder of True Focus Coaching and creator of the WISE Living Formula.

Does this sound familiar…

  • You can’t believe you have so much to do and you are not doing what you are supposed to be doing.
  • You keep telling yourself that if you could just sit down and grind through it… you’d be fine!
  • You know you can’t do it all, but you don’t know how you will ever say NO when everything seems so important. 

In this action-packed session, your attendees will discover:

  • WHY the projects they’ve planned to do slide into the next day and still don’t get done — hogging the space on their To-Do lists.
  • HOW to bust through procrastination using Sarah’s 5 Step system. Attendees will learn to take control of their time and tasks and STOP the feeling of being weighed down, overwhelmed and confused.
  • WHAT positive self-talk really is, when it works, and why it’s only a piece of the solution we need.

Your attendees will walk away with tools to take into their lives and start to use right away! 

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