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ARTICLE: Are You Ready to Go Back to the Office This Fall?

This fall, many of us are going back into our offices for the first time since March of 2020 and not only are we feeling out of practice with how to commute, but it feels like we are being asked to go from 0-100 overnight. If you are feeling unsteady about going back and out of practice with what was once normal life, you are not alone.

Dr. Sarah’s newest article on Staples Connect has a few tips as you think about returning to the office.


ARTICLE: Focusing on Productivity Can Lead to Better Time Management

What’s the difference between productivity and time management? Time management is how you plan to use your time. Productivity is how much “work” you actually get done. Too often time management plans don’t lead to greater productivity.

Dr. Sarah’s article on Staples Connect walks you through making choices that lead to productivity.


ARTICLE: How To Work From Home With Kids Without Losing Your Mind

Dr. Sarah was quoted in a recent Women’s Day article. These eight tips will help make the seemingly impossible task of working from home with kids a little less painful.

PODCAST: Time Management-How to Make the Most Out of Workshops

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking on Overcoming Distractions and how to get the most out of going to or attending a time management workshop or seminar.

Dr. Sarah and Dave discuss how to make sure your walk away from a time management event with actionable goals and a plan to maximize your time and why you should consider taking the right time management workshop.

PODCAST: Finding True Focus-Tips to Help With Overwhelm and Procrastination

If you are a professional in the business world then you have no doubt experienced overwhelm, distractions and have even procrastinated on various tasks. Dr. Sarah walks us through overcoming various distractions in our business life and gives us actionable tips on how to be more productive.

PODCAST: Billable Work v. Investment Hours

Carving out time for “investment hours” is challenging for many lawyers.  There are many things competing for an attorney’s time and time management is not a skill taught in law school.  And once you are on a law firm, you are largely rewarded for the number of hours you bill. So how do you balance the two?

PODCAST: The power of saying NO-lower your stress by learning this important word

We can all get better at the habit of saying NO and learning how to say no properly is a long process.

But when we do get good at saying no, we not only free up valuable time and resources but we also begin to lower our stress. Committing to certain things, events, projects, or other longer-term obligations when we do not have the time to invest, increases our anxiety and has the ability to stress out everyone around us.

Sarah and Dave discuss why people say yes when they really mean no.

PODCAST: What productivity really means when you have ADHD

We are continuing to learn the lessons from the year 2020 in order to have a much more productive 2021. Many of us have lost track of time, had to adjust our routines because of COVID-19 and have found out what it really means to be productive.

On this episode Dr. Sarah discusses what productivity really means to an individual and will focus in on how to identify the productivity strategies that work for you.

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