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How Our Bodies Affect Our Productivity

While we can train ourselves to be more productive, science has shown that there are certain “natural” factors that have positive and negative impacts on how we work, despite our best efforts and intentions. By knowing and working with these elements, we can be even...

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How Spring Cleaning Can Improve Your Productivity

Spring is here—although we in the northeast and other parts of the country are wondering if Mother Nature forgot to check the calendar! Whatever the weather, spring is a great time to “clean house” both physically and mentally to ramp up your productivity for the...

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Four Unique Keys to Effective Time Management

We all struggle with using time wisely. In this age of instant communication and the expectation of giving or getting immediate results, we can often feel pulled in a million different directions at once. Despite this, or maybe because of it, it’s still possible to take control of the seconds, minutes, and hours in our day to live both a balanced and successful life. Sometimes all it takes is a little different focus on how we think about it.

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The Question You Need to Answer To Reach Your Goals

  To help clients get focused on taking action on their goals—large or small, personal or work-related—I’ve discovered a really powerful question: What would it take for you to [add your goal here]? Filling in The Blank Of course, in order to answer the question, you...

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Boost Productivity at Every Stage of Your Project

Is this you? Your year started off with a bang: loads of creativity, mountains of energy, and the ambition to meet meaningful goals in your business and personal life. But then February hit, the doldrums took over, and you feel like the slump will never end. Ok, full...

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Procrastinating Could Actually Improve Your Productivity

Since one of my goals in life is to help people bust through procrastination, you might be surprised at what I’m about to tell you. It’s this: Under the right circumstances, procrastination can actually improve your productivity. The key part of that statement is...

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How To Swap Procrastination For Productivity

We might like to think we’re in control of when we choose to put things off, but that’s not necessarily true. The last time you procrastinated, did it feel like more of an automatic reaction than a true choice? In a recent WebMD article, William Knaus, EdD, co-author...

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Are You Ready to End the Year on a High Note?

Wow, can you believe we are heading into the last quarter of the year already? Doesn’t it seem like it was just spring? For many people, starting the fourth business quarter creates a sense of stress or outright panic about completing year-end goals. If this sounds...

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When Can ADDING Meetings Improve Productivity?

How many of us can relate to the feeling that we “need just one more hour in the day,” but also that awareness that a lack of time isn’t really the problem. In my webinar and programs, I share five steps to bust through procrastination and overwhelm: Recognize what’s...

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 Three Days To Achieving New Goals

If I told you that it was possible to make some big life changes in just three days, would you believe me? Those who attended my recent Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE!  last week know just how much can be accomplished with three days focused on learning how to manage...

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