Real estate professionals, it’s time: the busy spring season is once again upon us.

Are you ready to close deals, satisfy clients and earn enough to treat yourself to a fantastic summer vacation?

Or… are you anxious, stressed and already tired, just thinking about everything that’s coming up over these next few months?

I’ve helped enough realtor clients navigate the busy spring season to know how overwhelming and pressure-packed this time of year can be. Here’s what I know: as long as you have real estate expertise, people skills and a great work ethic, you already have (almost) everything you need to thrive this spring.

Time management is the X factor. Good time management for realtors can make all the difference during busy periods.

Assuming you’ve got the time management piece figured out…

What’s the best-case scenario for your real estate business this spring?

  • This could be your most lucrative spring yet! Think about how much business you closed in spring of last year. Could you realistically boost your earnings by 5% this spring? Or close an additional X number of sales? Figure out what those key metrics are that you’re striving to hit so you have a clear idea of what success looks like. (Don’t be afraid to be a little ambitious and set stretch goals!) 
  • You could be so on top of your schedule and your priorities that you’re able to make space to go the extra mile for your clients. If someone wants to chat for 15 minutes about what they ate for dinner last night, or needs to call you 10 times a day with questions about their closing, no problem! You can make your clients feel like you have all the time in the world for them, because you’re not distracted thinking about the dozens of things you still need to do when you get off the phone. You’d know that the most important things are covered so you’d be able to give your full focus to servicing your clients. 
  • You’d be able to create connections and momentum that will help you keep building on your business’s success beyond this spring. Once you’ve created the structure and time management habits that work for your specific needs and business, everything gets easier.
  • You’d still be able to preserve enough time and energy to take care of the most important stuff on the personal side of things. That means having enough time to sleep, eat well, connect with your loved ones, etc. This is critical because those really chaotic 14- or 16-hour days are still going to happen during your busy season, even when your time management system is working well! Being well rested and having time for self-care allows you to be resilient and get through those long days without totally depleting your energy.

These are just some broad examples of what the best-case scenario might look like for your real estate business this spring. You might have your own vision for what a really successful and fulfilling spring looks like this year.

I believe it’s all achievable—assuming, again, that you have the time management piece figured out.

3 Ways to Take Control of Your Time During The Busy Real Estate Season

There’s a lot that real estate professionals can’t control in a given day. But a lot of your time each day is yours to control, and these strategies will help you do that effectively.

1. Batch similar activities that happen at similar locations. Think about, what tasks do I need to do at my desk? Which ones do I need to do on the phone, but not necessarily at my desk? What tasks do I need to do in X part of town, vs Y part of town? Cluster those similar tasks together. For example, settle down in a comfortable place and do all your prospecting calls in one sitting. Or, you might sit down a few times a week to really tackle your email, including drafting and scheduling emails for the upcoming days.

2. Be careful about running around chasing clients in person. Many realtors love to work face-to-face, and that can be great for building relationships. But, it’s not always the best use of your limited time. Make sure something really needs to happen in person before you make the trip. You can still provide attentive, top-notch client service when you’re connecting via email or video call.

3. Pick a particular time of day that you are going to have in-person meetings. Coordinate with other professionals that you talk to regularly and figure out times to have those conversations.   For example, when a broker or other contact asks to schedule an in-person meeting, you might say “I’ve found that Monday and Friday mornings are the best times for me to be in [the area where we typically meet], if either of those work for you?” Clustering those meetings into certain times of day or certain days of the week gives you long stretches of time every day when you’re free from meetings and able to focus on everything else.

Need more help harnessing time management to thrive in a busy real estate market?

Time Management in TODAY'S Real Estate Market

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