According to folklore, March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  

The saying is typically used to describe March weather and it’s pretty accurate here in the Northeast. It definitely still feels like winter at the beginning of the average March. The sun sets at 6:00 and we’re all still braced for blizzards. By the 31st, we’ve usually started to see some big changes. Plants are starting to bloom, it’s light until 7:30 and warm breezes start blowing. You can literally smell spring in the air.  

Is there any other month that’s as full of transition and renewal as March?  

Watching all that transformation happening in the environment can be inspirational. It’s a reminder that big, dramatic, positive changes can happen in a fairly short period of time. One day the trees outside your windows might be bare and the next day they’re covered in budding leaves. That’s the power of March.  

It can be hard to remember that March is a powerful time of rebirth when you’re slogging through 31 long days of muddy, soggy weather. (There aren’t even any major holidays to break them up!) But if you could harness that spirit of growth and renewal and apply it to your time management and productivity challenges and your yearly goals, powerful things could happen in your own life too. 

With a long month stretching out ahead of us, I want to challenge you to think about this question: 

What positive change could happen in your life between now and the end of March? 

Here are some other questions to get you thinking about creating renewal and growth this month: 

  • What can you realistically get done this month, assuming you have time management strategies in place to use your time productively? 
  • What’s within your power to change for the better right now?  
  • What small actions could you take that would have a big impact over a month?  
  • Are there goals you haven’t really dug into yet this year because something’s been holding you back?
  • Are you ready to start making progress on your goals?  
  • What’s one thing you would be excited to get done this month?  

Ultimately, I just want to get you thinking about what renewal might look like for your life and your work during this season of transition. The time management and productivity piece of planning for March gets a lot easier when you’re really clear about what you’re working toward and what’s most important for you to get done this month. Then you can start building your daily and weekly plans around those most important tasks.  

3 Tips for Creating Productivity-Boosting Renewal in March 

#1 – Refresh your physical work environment.

When was the last time you rearranged your office layout, added new photos to your desk or changed the kind of music you listen to while you work? Making tweaks to your physical space can make it feel new in an invigorating way. Look for small adjustments that will make your space feel more welcoming and inspiring. Or focus on physical comfort. Maybe it’s time to ditch that uncomfortable office chair for something that’s better suited to your body, for example.  

#2 – Schedule time-outs into your daily plans.

We all need time to rest, recharge and renew ourselves throughout the day. Building those little breaks into your schedule is important for peak time management and productivity, and for preventing burnout. Taking time-outs from work gives you a chance to move around, stretch, grab a snack, check in with loved ones and do other little actions that support your physical and mental health. Plus, walking around the block while you’re taking a break from a challenging project might turn out to be very productive brainstorming time. Some professionals tend to sacrifice those important breaks when things get busy. Put them in your calendar and remember that they’re just as important as your other priority tasks.  

#3 – Shake up your support network.

Are there contacts in your network you haven’t checked in with recently? Great friends that you haven’t spoken to in months? An old mentor or boss whose guidance you miss? Someone you clicked with at a networking event but didn’t follow up with? Why not reach out to them this month? Whether they’re personal or professional, nurturing neglected or new relationships could be hugely energizing. And you never know what kind of brilliant advice, different perspective or new opportunity you might get to take away from those conversations. So set up those coffee plans and try something new! 

Need More Time Management & Productivity Support?

I’m always here, available to help! There’s still time to join me for Time Matters Boot Camp 90-day virtual program, starting March 6th. If you feel like there’s got to be a better way to manage your time but you just can’t figure out how to do things differently on your own, this program might be for you. Click here for details. 

Happy March! 

Dr. Sarah 

Sarah Reiff-Hekking