Is this you?

Your year started off with a bang: loads of creativity, mountains of energy, and the ambition to meet meaningful goals in your business and personal life. But then February hit, the doldrums took over, and you feel like the slump will never end.

Ok, full disclosure. This is me, too. Or it was, until I figured out why I slowed down and what I needed to get past those doldrums and back on track toward my goals.

Why We Lose Momentum in the Middle

Have you ever noticed that when we’re working on a goal, we have lots of energy at the start and another burst of energy when the end is in sight? But in between, when the real work needs doing, we start to fade. There’s suddenly a whole lot of work stretching out in front of us, and our goal feels miles and miles away.

When I work with clients, I find that the middle of a project can be the hardest place to maintain momentum.

This is because we’re over the initial excitement of getting started on our goal, but the end is still too far away to motivate us, leading to everything from boredom to overwhelm that stops us cold.

Yet the middle can be exciting and productive—if you know a few tricks.

Generate Your “Middle Mojo”

Here are some effective ways I’ve found to stay motivated and productive throughout any personal or business project.

  • Set intermediate goals. – This is really important if it’s a long stretch to your final goal. These transitional milestones come up faster, which can keep you energized to get to one, then the next, and the next, until your final goal is in sight.
  • Look back at how far you’ve come. – Perspective is a wonderful thing. When you feel you haven’t made any progress, look at the difference between where you are now and where you were when you started. Even if it’s not a huge difference, you’ve still moved forward. I recommend that you take a look weekly at what has gone well on each of your projects—this allows you to ….
  • Celebrate each milestone. – Don’t wait until you hit your final goal to pat yourself on the back. Reward yourself for each mini goal you achieve. This is another way keep yourself moving through the “mucky middle” of your projects.
  • Get a coach or mentor. – These folks can help you sharpen your plans and share the wisdom of their own struggles with the doldrums. Often, they can spot problems and hurdles before you can to help avoid frustration that will slow you down.
  • Turn mistakes into motivators. – Mistakes are inevitable. But you can choose whether they frustrate you or motivate you. When we learn from them, errors can actually be amazing experiences.

Any or all of these tips will help you keep the doldrums at bay—anytime of year.

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So long, doldrums!

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Sarah Reiff-Hekking