How many of us can relate to the feeling that we “need just one more hour in the day,” but also that awareness that a lack of time isn’t really the problem.

In my webinar and programs, I share five steps to bust through procrastination and overwhelm:

  1. Recognize what’s overwhelming you
  2. Calm the inner fear
  3. Enable your routine and environment to support productivity
  4. Get support
  5. Keep restarting until you’re where you need to be

Following these steps helps my clients manage their time. But it’s not just about finding more hours in the day or using time wisely. These steps enable people to address the behaviors and patterns which are holding them back. As a result, busting through those behaviors often leads to amazing results.

I’d like to share with you the results that my client, Laura, experienced—she earned back valuable time and more. 

Laura is an interior designer. As part of her business, she works with several contractors. Without realizing what was going on, their routine became calling each other whenever they had a question, needed help, or wanted to confirm details about their shared clients. These calls made for constant interruptions every day. Even with the multiple calls, it was difficult to get—and stay—in sync with each project.

After examining her routine and work environment (Step 3), Laura realized this habit had made her work overwhelming and disjointed. She decided to create a new routine. She started scheduling a meeting at the beginning of each week during which the group of contractors discussed each project and that week’s plans.

After a few weeks, Laura and the other contractors realized that the new weekly meetings saved them a lot of time. Thanks to one meeting that covered everything they needed to know, they didn’t waste time on multiple, fragmented calls. All the contractors found they were better able to serve their clients because they were more aligned, productive and promptly handled time-sensitive issues.

Addressing this issue wasn’t only about time—although Laura did get those wasted minutes back in her day. She also put dollars back in her pocket because she was able to use her time so much more effectively, she didn’t have to hire an assistant.

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” – Zig Ziglar – Motivational Speaker

We all have the same number of hours in a day… it’s our sense of personal direction over which we have control. When you bust through that sense of overwhelm, you’ll not only find more time, you’ll reap other rewards as well.

Sarah Reiff-Hekking