Do you have a big, great idea?

Have you dreamed up an invention that will revolutionize modern life? Have you sketched out the plot for a mystery novel that rivals Agatha Christie? Maybe you have an idea for a side business that you’re sure could work and become full-time – if you ever actually launched it. Or maybe you’re so busy that you’ve barely had time to think beyond what’s on your plate this week… but you *have* always daydreamed about converting a spare room into a writing retreat or recording studio. 

March is as good a time as any to let yourself daydream about the ideas you’d like to turn into reality.

Frankly, there’s no bad time for that, but March is also International Ideas Month. It’s one of those mysterious made-up holidays whose origins are impossible to trace. At some point, International Ideas Month just showed up on holiday websites devoted to things like National Cheeseburger Day (September 18th 😉)

The origin of International Ideas Month doesn’t really matter, though. Any excuse to celebrate the power of new ideas is a good one. When you’re feeling stuck and uninspired in your current life, it can be really useful to reflect on what you still want to get done with your time.  

To Turn Ideas Into Action, Start With Time Management

Converting big ideas into reality is something that takes time, work and planning. That’s true whether you’re thinking about something relatively simple (starting a new book club) or about completely changing your life (starting a new business in Belize). To get started, ask yourself these four questions.

  • What is my ultimate goal? Imagine you’re teleported into the future, where you’ve successfully brought your idea to life. What does that look like? For example, someone with an idea for an invention might have an ultimate goal of selling that product in a particular store, or selling a set number of products per year. Getting clear on where you want to go is useful for charting your course to get there.
  • What steps will help me build toward that goal? Once you have your destination in mind, work backwards to break down the process into steps. Do you know what to do first? Do you know what to do after that? What will help you get there most easily and quickly?
  • What challenges can I expect? In any attempt to create something new, you’ll inevitably run into snags. How can you prepare to combat the distractions and discouragements that might arise? How can you set up your environment for success, and get the external and internal support you need?
  • How can I realistically find the time? The time management piece is the biggest challenge for plenty of would-be creators. Finding the time you need to devote to your ideas requires you to take time away from something else. Have you assessed your peak priorities lately? Can you figure out what to drop from your to-do list, and what to keep? These time management questions can be some of the hardest questions to answer when you’re thinking about starting a new project.

As you start thinking about bringing your ideas to life, build in the support you’ll need to actually create the action you crave.

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Remember, International Ideas Month didn’t exist until someone came up with the idea and took steps to make it reality. What could you turn your ideas into?



Sarah Reiff-Hekking