Does anyone remember the movie “Inception”? (Stick with me! I swear this has something to do with holiday productivity!) When it came out in 2010, seemingly everyone who saw it wanted to talk about the ending scene. If you haven’t seen it, all you need to know is that the last shot is of a spinning top. If it falls, the audience knows that the characters are in the “real” world. If it spins indefinitely, the characters are stuck in an alternate reality. In those seconds, as we watch the top spin, both possibilities are still on the table. It could go either way.   

I’m thinking about that spinning top because it reminds me of this time of year. Thanksgiving’s behind us. The holiday crush is starting, but there are still several weeks before New Year’s. We all know what those last few weeks of the year are like, especially if you celebrate Christmas: joyful, hopefully, but also imbued with a kind of pressure that doesn’t follow most of us for the rest of the year.  

Those weeks represent the last chance to get things done before the calendar flips into a new year. There’s so much to do: work projects that have to be wrapped up, doctor’s appointments that must be made and finished before deductibles reset, childcare plans that have to be made before the holiday break. And all of that is on top of the responsibilities that you tackle every day.  

Yikes. It’s stressful just to think about what’s coming in those late December weeks, and exciting too. (Bring on the eggnog and presents!) But the thing is, those weeks aren’t here yet. You still have the possibility of a productive December and a restful holiday break. Or you could get bogged down in procrastination and focus on the wrong things until you’re so stressed and exhausted that the holidays feel like one more chore. 

If your December is a spinning top, its fate hasn’t yet been decided. If you make the right moves now, the top will slow down and eventually fall – meaning you’ll finish the year feeling satisfied with your holiday productivity and ready to rest. But if you don’t get your time management under control, the top will just keep spinning indefinitely, with no break and no time to reset before January arrives. 

Which way will your top go? That’s up to you, although I can help. In the spirit of the holidays, I’m offering a limited number of Time Matters Success Strategy Sessions for FREE. For a short time only, I’ll be holding these free sessions with people like you who are READY TO MAKE A CHANGE.  

In this Time Matters Success Strategy Session, I’ll help you figure out the NEXT BEST MOVE you can take to manage your time and your tasks in a way that works for you.  With my help, you can get a grip on time, get done more of the stuff that really matters to you and start the New Year strong! 

If you’re ready to successfully manage your time and your tasks in a way that gets you to the next level in your life, then I urge you to apply for one of these spots with me right now, before they are filled. 

Heres the catch:  You need to qualify! To make sure we’re on track and ready to make the biggest impact together, here are a few things that are important: 

1. You’re clear that you want to be more productive, get more done and focus on things that are truly important to you. 

2. You’re coachable and ready to make changes.

3. You’re able to make decisions about your next steps.

4. You are ready to get real about what your time challenges are costing you.

If those 4 statements describe you, click the link here and apply by answering a few questions. Please fill out the application completely. If you don’t fill it out completely, you won’t be considered. 

These spots are available on a first come, first served basis.  Once we get back to you, if we don’t hear from you within 3 days, your session will be given to the next person on the waiting list. 

I’m offering these sessions for free because I want to help you meet your holiday productivity goals, and I know how hard it can be to make that happen alone. Sign up now to take control of your December and set yourself up for a productive and peaceful 2019.  

Be well, 


Sarah Reiff-Hekking