If I told you that it was possible to make some big life changes in just three days, would you believe me? Those who attended my recent Time Matters Boot Camp LIVE!  last week know just how much can be accomplished with three days focused on learning how to manage their time and tasks in ways that actually work.

This workshop offered smart entrepreneurs and professionals a safe space to share their time struggles and learn new skills to easily do more of what they want to do. Participants came in wanting to learn how to master their schedules, learn and apply new time management methods, and figure out how to bust through procrastination and overwhelm. It was so inspiring to see so many people honoring themselves by acknowledging what is challenging for them and dedicating time to learn skills that will help them get to the next level in their lives and kick those time challenges to the curb.

New Skills Learned

I had the pleasure of teaching these participants many new skills for containing and creating time including:

  • How we are all wired differently and therefore need to use time management techniques that are personally tailored to our specific needs
  • How to bust through procrastination and overwhelm
  • Time management building blocks, tips, and tricks
  • How to create goals that you can actually reach and that help you manage your time instead of draining you

One of the best things I shared related to goal setting was what I call “The Simulacrum Effect.”

A simulacrum is a copy of something that is already a copy. Think of it like this: an artist takes a photograph of an ocean scene and then creates a painting of the scene from the photograph. The painting is a simulacrum – a copy of the picture, which is a copy of the ocean scene.


Dr. Sarah Reiff Hekking leading lessons in productivity and time management.

Staged Images of Life

Our society is so rich with images of “life.” We see it in print ads, television shows, movies, and even in homes that are “staged” for the real estate market. Most of these images are manufactured to sell us something.

The problem is that these images are so abundant that we start to think that they are true – but they are not. They are manufactured images that we believe to be true and we try to copy.

For instance, in the TV show “Castle,” the main character Kate Becket always dresses in clothes that fit perfectly, and she wears high-heeled shoes everywhere…which might be fine if she wasn’t a detective on the streets of New York chasing criminals!

It just doesn’t make sense that a detective who would need to be quick on her feet would RUN around in three-inch heels.

The point is that that we are bombarded by these images from all kinds of media and we believe them to be true and we try to copy them. They are NOT true. They are fabricated stories yet we try to copy them.

A Copy Doesn’t Equal Reality

When you copy a copy, you don’t get reality. What you get is a flat version of life that is simplified and completely NOT real. You get ONE angle of reality. If you target achieving this reality, you will always feel as though you are missing something, as though you’re never “quite there” yet.

And you’ll never get there. Why? Because it is NOT real. Reality is not perfect. It does not have diffused light that smooths out the wrinkles like the media images we try and duplicate.

The only way you might get there is if you have a film production team – and a stylist and a staff to support your fitness – and your quick changes – and your shopping. Oh, and you’re willing to purchase and stuff yourself into “shape wear” that creates a “perfect” body.

The Problem of the Simulacrum Effect

The problem of the simulacrum effect is that we do not end up with a realistic target for how to live a happy and satisfied life. We don’t end up with a realistic target for any goal based on a copy of something because it is only PART of the story. It’s not the whole story – and the part of the story that it shows us is often supported by a team of people who create the results.

So, pick your goals carefully. Make sure they are achievable. Make sure you are targeting REAL life. And if you need a team or a different economic model to accomplish your goals, make them a part of a fully thought-out plan so you can set yourself up for success and reach your REAL-life goals.

Take A Bold Step Forward

Everyone left this training with new skills to manage time, be more confident, and achieve the life they want to live. And you can, too!

All you need is to take that bold step forward and join me in our next free masterclass or paid group program. Let me help you achieve your goals by learning how to become more focused and productive! I hope to see you there!

Sarah Reiff-Hekking