It’s been on my mind lately. Here we are, nearly a year into the pandemic. February gloom is making an already difficult time even harder. At least in a normal year, we could gather indoors and wait out the cold weather and early sunsets. Our kids are beyond sick of virtual school. Our healthcare workers are traumatized and exhausted. People are lonely, frustrated and discouraged. We’re all grieving the things we’ve lost this last year.  

The Universe Basically Rolled a Boulder Into Our Path When the Pandemic Started.

We stopped, processed and started navigating a new path around that gigantic obstacle. It has been rough going a lot of the time, and it’s been harder for some than for others. So many people have lost their loved ones and businesses this year. You may be one of them.  

And yet, here you are. You have big and small wins to celebrate. No matter how hard your year has been, you’re still trying to meet your goals. Trying to make strides with your time management and productivity challenges. Trying to move forward.  

It’s a testament to your resiliency. And I hope it’s a reminder that you have the capacity to do more than you might think you can. That even on a bad day, moments of peace and productivity are still within your reach.    

Better Time Management is Just a Moment Away 

I don’t know about you, but getting to witness so many daily examples of resiliency has been one of the silver linings of this last year. I’ve been amazed by what my clients have been able to accomplish with their businesses. Like you, I’ve seen people in my community step up to take care of their neighbors, even when they’re struggling themselves. I’ve seen people whose businesses have closed because of the pandemic brush themselves off and start again from scratch. I’m more convinced than ever that most people are stronger than they realize. 

Some Combination of Resiliency, Hard Work and Luck Has Gotten You to the Place You Are Today.

Everything that’s happened in the past has brought you right to where you are now, to the moment in which you’re reading these words. Whatever that moment looks like…it’s okay

It’s okay if…

  • You’re not feeling resilient or optimistic right now.
  • Your day isn’t going so great or if you’re kicking yourself for a mistake you made.
  • If you’re frustrated with your time management challenges.
  • You haven’t accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish today.
  • You didn’t accomplish everything you wanted to accomplish last year.  

Sure, maybe you’re not where you wanted to be. What’s the benefit in beating yourself up about it? You can’t go back and change anything, and getting bogged down in would-haves and should-haves will only keep you from moving forward.

All You Can Control is What You Do From Here.

That’s why this moment—right this second—is such a powerful one. You get to decide what to do next. If you don’t like the way the day has been going so far, you can change it starting right now. If you don’t like the way your entire career is going, you can begin to change that starting right now too.  

There’s infinite possibility in this moment… even if today is just an okay day. The day isn’t over yet. You could make a move right now  that would help you make meaningful progress on your goals. 

So what will that move be? How will you use this moment right now to start moving your life forward? If you don’t know what to do next, I can help. Let’s talk one-on-one about where you are, where you want to go and what those next steps are that will help you bridge that distance. Schedule a Strategy Session with me so I can help you understand what’s possible for you. Click here to apply for a session. 


P.S. I recently spoke with my friend David Greenwood on his podcast, Overcoming Distractions, about the power of “right now” and other time management topics. We also discussed what productivity really means, and what productivity looks like for adults with ADD. Listen to our conversation by clicking here.  

Sarah Reiff-Hekking