You’ve probably been daydreaming about getting back to “normal” for 16 months. Now that we’re on the brink of summer, that could be full of possibilities, are you feeling pressure to make it perfect?  

Coming out of lockdown and being able to safely get back to something resembling normal life is what we’ve all been waiting for—but it’s not all easy. We’re still in a time of transition. A lot of people are still a little unsure of their footing. They’re not entirely sure if they should be wearing masks in the grocery store, or if they should go back into crowded restaurants again. I’m hearing from a lot of parents of unvaccinated kids, who are struggling to balance keeping their kids happy with keeping them safe.  

All the anxiety, overwhelm and self-doubt that the pandemic churned up in us isn’t just going to go away because summer is here. But if you scroll through your social media feeds, you’ll probably see friends already posting quintessential summer pictures. They’re out on boats, traveling to the beach, going to concerts and generally making up for lost time. 

Meanwhile Your Schedule is Already Filling Up to Pre-Pandemic Levels


  • Clients are starting to request face-to-face meetings again that have you spending hours in traffic.
  • Your spouse is starting to travel for work again, and you’re going to have to handle all the child and pet care while they’re gone for days at a time.
  • You’ve already been invited to six rescheduled weddings, three conferences and two golf trips, and have no idea how you’re going to fit them all into one summer.  

Oh—and all your time management and productivity challenges weren’t magically cleared up by the pandemic, so maybe you’re still struggling to get everything done during the work week and arriving at the weekend feeling exhausted and frustrated. 

It’s a lot. There’s a lot of pressure to make the first post-lockdown summer the best one yet. It’s no wonder that just the idea of this summer is stressing people out, instead of giving them something to look forward to.  

It doesn’t have to be that way for you. It’s not too late to have the kind of summer that you’ve been craving since the pandemic began.  

Time Management for Summer

What kind of summer do you want? The answer isn’t the same for everyone—and knowing what you want is the first step in making it your reality.  

Summer 2021

I know for a lot of people, the ideal summer involves nonstop travel. They plan to take road trips every weekend and enjoy weeklong vacations that take them as far from home as possible. Others are looking forward to a lot of quality family time, maybe hosting out-of-town relatives and finding local adventures to enjoy with their kids. For some people, the ideal summer is all about building their business. If this is your busy season, you may be gearing up for a lot of long and productive work days ahead. Or maybe you’re getting a new business off the ground, and want to focus most of your energy on that.  

And, of course, plenty of people aren’t comfortable letting down their pandemic defenses just yet. If you live somewhere that’s still in lockdown, or if you’re just not ready to shift back into pre-pandemic life, you may be looking forward to another quiet summer at home. 

Your Vision of a Great Summer is Unique to You

Whatever that vision looks like, I want you to know that it’s still absolutely attainable. If you’re already stressed and overwhelmed, or already feel like everyone else is having a better summer than you, I want to remind you that this summer hasn’t happened yet. It’s still ahead of you, and it’s yours to control.  

The key is to take action now. Making a time management plan early in the summer lets you create space for everything you want to get done, including taking time off. If you put off addressing your time management and productivity challenges, it’ll be Labor Day before you know it. You might find yourself looking back at your summer with regret over all the things you missed.  

It’s not too late to have the summer you want. It’s also not too late to join my Time Matters Boot Camp virtual program, which will help you create the life you crave. With 90 days of structure and support, you’ll get the time management tools you need to take charge of your weekly schedule and make this the summer (and year) that you want. It will be too late soon, since we’re getting started now, so click here for more information and to register! 

Happy summer! 


Sarah Reiff-Hekking