The pumpkin displays are going up, the beach umbrellas are coming down and kids everyone are mourning the end of sleeping-in season. It’s here, my friends: back-to-school has arrived.

I know that many of you are either preparing to send kids back, or have already done it, and are still trying to adjust to the change in routine. (I’m right there with you! My son starts school right after Labor Day and has had activities starting up over the last couple of weeks. We are moving into full-on gear-up mode!) No matter how prepared we think we are, the start of a new school year always brings some stress and disruption. Luckily, life will slow down and give you a chance to catch your breath before throwing a bunch of other obligations your way.

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To quote “Clueless”… AS IF! There’s no pause button that you can hit to make the rest of your life slow down when one part of it gets extra hectic.

That’s true for all of us, whether or not you have school-age kids. It’s a struggle even for those people with great time management skills. Think about a time when something in your personal life got demanding. Maybe it was when a parent was in the hospital, or you had major renovations going on at home. Did you struggle to keep up with work tasks? Did things fall through the cracks?

They probably did, right? We each have only so much time in a day. When you’re juggling a personal life and a professional life, your hours are all spoken for. Adding a new challenge to the pile is like putting one more block on top of a trembling Jenga tower: everything could come tumbling down.

That’s what the beginning of a new school year is like for many of my clients. For those of you who don’t have kids in school, there might be something else that you’re struggling to make fit into your already busy life: a new hobby, a sick relative, added responsibility at work, home improvement projects.

So how do you do it? How do you add that one more thing to your plate without the Jenga tower falling?

The answer? By mastering one important skill: knowing how to prioritize. By figuring out not just which task to do next, but which tasks you shouldn’t do at all.

“But everything on my to-do list is important,” you might be thinking. I get that feeling! And yet, learning how to prioritize is a time management skill that leads to a sense of peaceful productivity. Most successful people have mastered it and YOU can master it, too.

That’s what I’m going to be talking about in my upcoming webinar, Back to School Without Freaking Out: Simple Tools for Peaceful ProductivityBack to School without stress | Reduce bak to school stress and anxiety

You’ll learn how to prioritize and why prioritizing is so critically important. We’re also going to be talking about how you can build and strengthen your time management skills, and the one easy step that will help you make this your most fantastic fall ever.

Join me on Thursday, September 6th, at 4:00 p.m. (ET) / 1 p.m. (PT) for this FREE webinar! Take this one hour for yourself in order to figure out how to find more hours in every day.

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Sarah Reiff-Hekking