I know I can get a lot done in 90 days. How about you?  

That’s how long we have between October 1st and December 31st. Ninety days that haven’t happened yet. There is unlimited potential in those Ninety days. Ninety days that you can use to move yourself and your goals forward. (Technically, it’s 91 days, but let’s all agree that Thanksgiving doesn’t count… productivity and time management can take a backseat on Turkey Day.) 

I know that 2020 hasn’t been what any of us expected. The last six months have been hard, and so many people have struggled just to get the basic stuff done. The pandemic might have forced your long-term goals onto the back burner for a bit. Maybe it made you forget about them altogether.  

I also know that there’s still a lot of valuable time left in this wild year. You can close out the year in a way you’re proud of. By the time you’re (finally!) able to celebrate the end of 2020, wouldn’t it be nice to also celebrate the progress you made on your goals? 

Ask Yourself This Question Every Day 

Before I get to this key question, I want to make sure that you’re super clear about your long-term goals. What exactly are you working toward? What does success look like for each of your goals?  

I mention this because I know that you might have a thousand things on your plate right now. Families that include students and/or educators are still trying to figure out how to navigate a new and unpredictable school system. We’re all being bombarded with a ton of political stress, and many of us are still cut off from a lot of our support systems. Understandably, you may have lost sight of what you wanted to achieve over the next few years.   

I can help you with the productivity and time management strategies that will help you achieve your goals, but only once you’re really clear about what you’re working toward. So that’s the first step. Recently, I shared tips and strategies for identifying your goals and breaking them into actionable steps; check those out by clicking here.

Now, about this one powerful question. It’s one I want you to ask yourself each day, because forcing yourself to answer this question is an incredibly useful way to make sure you’re on track.  

What am I doing today to move my long-term goals forward? 

It’s that simple. Maybe you’ll tackle this question when you’re brushing your teeth, pouring your coffee or first sitting down at your desk. The timing doesn’t matter, but making this task part of your morning ritual is a great way to start your day from a productive mindset. 

I want to acknowledge that this might not be workable for you right now. Maybe things are so chaotic and busy that just getting through the day sometimes takes everything you’ve got. If that sounds like you, I suggest you establish a few blocks of time during the week when you can get really intentional about those long-term goals. Maybe that means you block out 30 minutes on Saturday morning and on Tuesday night. Devote that one hour per week to attracting new clients, learning a new language or doing whatever it is that you need to do to move closer to where you want to be. 

Time Management and Your Long-Term Goals 

Finding time to work toward your goals could be holding you back from reaching them, and I can help you with the time management piece. Reach out to me for support! It’s what I’m here for, and it’s what I truly love to do. And, if you’re ready to really transform your time management strategies and gain the tools to be more productive, consider joining me for Time Matters Boot Camp 90-Day Virtual Program. 

My online productivity and time management training is designed to help busy professionals defeat the challenges that hold them back. Join now and learn how to take control of your time and goals in a way that works for your brain and your life. 

Are you ready to take action to bring your work and personal life into balance? I hope you’ll join me for Time Matters Boot Camp 90-Day Virtual ProgramClick here for details and registration. 

Remember, the end of the year is just three months away—what do you want to be able to say that you accomplished this year? 

Be well, 


Sarah Reiff-Hekking