Do you remember last summer?

I know – it was a three-month period that happened less than a year ago; of course you remember summer. But I’m talking about specifics. Do you remember how last summer felt? Was it an especially good one, or an especially hard one? Were you more relaxed than you were in the spring, or was it the most stressful season of your year? Was there one particularly magical week, or day, or even just one magical moment, that you thought about all winter?

What about summer stress? What does that look like to you? Long weekends and warm evenings are some of the best parts of the season, but we all know that stress doesn’t take a vacation. What was stressful about last summer? Did summer distractions affect your time management? Did you miss out on any experiences because you were dealing with work?

I’m asking you to reflect on last summer because I think it’s an important part of setting your intentions for this summer.

You’ve lived through enough summers to have a good idea what the season will look like in your life. Depending on your industry, summer could be an especially busy time, or an especially slow one. If you’re a parent to young kids, summer might involve day camps and sports leagues. Maybe you take up a summer sport of your own, or devote every spare minute to a warm-weather hobby. And of course, most of us have some traditions around summer that we repeat every year, like spending the week of July 4th at the same beach.

So, having a general idea what the season has in store for you, think about these three questions: 

  • What were your biggest regrets or disappointments about last summer?
  • What are your top goals for this summer?
  • What obstacles will make it difficult for you to reach those goals by the end of summer?

When you think about your answers to those questions, I’m guessing a mix of personal and professional things come up. Maintaining a satisfying work/life blend can be especially tough at this time of the year. That’s why I think it’s so important to get really clear about what you want from this summer, right now. Think back to your regrets and disappointments from last summer. How many of them were related to time management issues? How many of those missed opportunities could you have experienced if you had used your time in a different way?

This summer can be different. Adjusting your time management strategies right now will help you avoid repeating past mistakes, so your list of regrets is much shorter at the end of this summer than it was at the end of last summer.

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Sarah Reiff-Hekking